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    *****Recruitment***** Read If interested in Joining**


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    *****Recruitment***** Read If interested in Joining**

    Post  eXtiNcT on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:58 am

    Thank you for your interest in joining Tektris Gaming. Please read through the following process and provide the requested information. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

    Once you provide the information we request, your application will be checked for any errors and then reviewed for approval. In most cases, applications for membership are completed within 24 hours. Former members who are re-applying may take longer as a review of your prior history is also done.


    Download Ventrilo from here.
    You'll find members on Ventrilo 365/24/7. Make new friends, find members of Leadership, attend Community meetings, participate in Scrims and Events - it all happens in Ventrilo.

    Log-on to Gametracker, here, and create a profile to identify yourself as a member of the future number one ranked gaming community in the world!
    Tektris Gaming Gametracker page.

    Steam Groups
    Besides the main website, our most heavily utilized method of broadcasting news and announcements is via the various [TEK] Steam Groups. By joining the Tektris™ STEAM Community groups, you'll be sure to be notified about all upcoming events and news.
    Tektris Gaming *community*™

    Tektris *Admins* (Ask for Invite)

    Tektris *Founders*

    Tektris *Official Members* (Ask for Invite)
    Banner Coming Soon!

    Make sure your in-game name and forum name are the same.
    Capitalization doesn't matter.

    We do not allow special characters in forum or in-game names.
    Special characters as those which cannot be typed on a USA keyboard without ALT-codes. Standard non-alphanumeric characters ($ % & ! “ { * etc) are allowed but should be kept to a minimum. For example, the name Bob! would be ok, but $&Bob!#$ would not.

    Your name must be [TEK]™ appropriate.
    We are more strict about member names than we are with public players. In other words, there are "gray" names we allow pubs to use that we would not allow from members. Feel free to ask an Advisor or Division Leader if you need clarification on borderline names.

    Do not add a clan tag, i.e. [T]™, [Te]™, [TeK]™, or any other clan's tag, to your forum name.
    Tektris™ members must have our tag in front and any other clan tag at the back of the name while in-server.

    All [Te]™ and [TeK]™ members have server admin responsibilities. [Te]™ members are considered " Regular Admins" while [TeK]™ members are senior admins. Each higher level of clan membership has greater server admin responsibility.

    [T]™ members do not have server admin abilities. Remember, at the this level, you are NOT an admin, so don't try to be. To learn how, let [Te]™ or [TeK]™ members handle issues on the server and watch how they admin.

    Some [TeK]™ members are Advisors, Division Leaders, Council, or Community Managers. They comprise the leadership of Tektris.
    Please review the leadership roster for a list of these members.

    Skill level has nothing to do with promotions. Tektris promotes on the basis of a member's maturity. We would rather have someone who can barely play, is a lot of fun, and carries with them a sense of integrity, than someone who is PWNTASTIC and acts immaturely.

    Getting promoted to [Te]™, [TeK]™ or Leadership has nothing to do with your time in the community. It is the effort you put into the servers and the contributions you make to the clan that are factored into all promotions.

    Other aspects we look at include:

    1. Your playing time in the servers and love of the game.

    2. Your maturity and ability to make the correct decisions in the servers. (Are you ready to switch sides when needed, or do you instead just say, "TEAMS"?)

    3. Your forum activity - Do you contribute to the clan outside of playing the game? (Some members are promoted only on server time and not on forum activity. People are rarely promoted based on forum activity alone.)

    4. Location - We might promote members who live in time zones outside of the USA quicker since we need admin coverage during all hours.

    5. Donations and Dedicated Supporter status do not guarantee a promotion, but they do get you noticed.

    Leadership is always watching to see who is ready, but the best way NOT to get promoted is by ASKING FOR A PROMOTION. Just play and have fun.


    Join any Source server. Type 'status' in the console (accessed with the ~ key). Find your name in the resulting list and copy the SteamID.

    Application Format:

    1.) In-game name:
    2.) Name:
    3.) Age:
    4.) Which division of [TEK] are you joining(Which Game do you play the most):
    5.) SteamID (STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX):
    6.) What location are you from?

    (Please choose one of the following)

    * East Coast (USA)
    * Midwest, Gulf States, Texas (USA)
    * West Coast (USA)
    * Canada
    * UK, Scandinavia, Ireland, Iceland
    * Western Europe
    * Eastern Europe, Russia
    * Asia, India
    * Mexico, Central America, South America
    * Australia, New Zealand

    7.) Why do you want to join [TEK]™?:
    8.) When are you usually able to play?:
    9.) What PC games do you play that [TEK] supports? (DoD:S, TF2, CS:S, Minecraft, BF3, MW:2, COD: Black Ops).
    10.) Do you agree to the rules listed in the "Start Here" thread? (Yes or No)
    11.)Recommended by: (optional)

    Now that you have finished reading the start here thread. Feel free to submit an application using the above format. To do this click the "New Topic" Button located in the Recruiting Center.



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