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    DOTA 2 Added To Our Games!!


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    DOTA 2 Added To Our Games!!

    Post  eXtiNcT on Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:34 am

    DOTA 2 puts you in the seat of a Good Vs Evil battle between the virtuous Radiant and the cruel Dire.

    There are many characters or "Heroes” to pick from with each having a unique set of skills. From magic to melee to projectiles in the face, all heroes have their own play style. This game is not like an insta-play and you know everything. The game takes the 3 T's which are time, tactics and teamwork.

    While playing DOTA 2, make sure you have at least thirty minutes to an hour of free time to play, because matches can go on for a while if each team is well balanced.

    We are please to announce that we are now providing a fun gaming environment for our DOTA 2 Players! <3

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